It’s not always sunshine. Happy new year everyone! ...

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Mallorca 2020 ...

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Happy Winter Solstice everyone.
The Solstice marks a turning point.

The days are getting longer again. We all need a bit more light these days don’t we? This year came with so many challenges for all of us. It seems this marks some sort of turning point in the age that we are living in. I still feel not everything was bad though. Planet Earth is still getting a bit of a rest from human air travels etc. Everyone had some time to self reflect.

For me it all feels like this is the planets system regulating. We will probably never be able to live the life we were used to. It’s not a bad thing. It’s just the way the things are. I wish you a nice Christmas season, although most of us wont be able to spend it as usual and see all our loved ones. With hope and optimism - HOSH

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In these times this means really a lot to me. Even if we were not able to see each other this year it feels good to know we were talking through music. I know my mum did half the plays at least though ❤ #hosh #spotify #2020wrapped ...

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No place like... shades by @jacquesmariemage ...

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San Francisco, I miss you! ...

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I have been a stubborn optimist all my life. In fact if shit goes down you will see me looking for the opportunity in the middle of it. As things are turning ugly around us again it makes me realize that I am indeed super lucky for having these moments with family so often that I wouldn’t have normally. Heads up guys. Going back to studio now. ...

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Summer is back! ...

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Sun and fun in Ibiza with my gang. ...

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No mountain to high! ...

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Rearranged ...

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